Chris's musical roots are very diverse. His early introduction into music was blue grass with a heavy gospel influence. As he grew older, he became interested in the lyrical story telling aspects of music. As his musical discovery continued  to evolve, he began to listen to much of the 1980's commercial rock. His interests in songwriting led him to exploring classical  lyricists such as Johnny Cash, Lennon and McCartney and Hank Sr. to name just a few. It was the simple, yet emotional stylings of their writing skills that began to create a strong influence on Chris.
     Eventually, his expanding musical pallet led him to music on a darker level with a heavier sound. Black Sabbath, Type O Negative and Rammstein are some of the bands that have influenced him. His songs tend to be emotionally driven and often tell a shared story that can be enjoyed by all age groups and crosses societal constraints to reach multiple diverse ethnicities, regardless of background.

Tony's passion for guitar and music in general started when he grew up in New Jersey listening to Zeppelin, Sabbath and Floyd, basically any band that had cool guitar riffs!
Then as Hard Rock and Metal music progressed he became a great fan of the music of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest!
He then started the band Savage Death in the late eighties which had some traction in the underground metal scene and where being placed in many music publications to include Germany and England.
After Savage Death disbanded, Tony worked on several more musical projects throughout the years
While Tony never stopped playing or listening to music he took a honorable hiatus and joined the Army and raised his family.
Eventually, he got back into trying to start a new band and that took some valuable time, but fortunately he met Chris Fanin, the lead singer and they realized that they had something special and hence, Ebon Cross!

Rik started his musical training early in life, as his mother enrolled him in violin classes at age 7- he continued his studies in Viola and Violin until the fateful day a neighborhood friend introduced him to his first electric guitar at age 13. He enrolled in guitar lessons, studied music theory and played classical acoustical guitar as well. Heavily influenced by the Blues and Southern Rock, He went on to start his first band at age 16, playing parties, outdoor festivals and local events. By age 18 he auditioned and received an offer to tour with a well known cover band at the time "Magenta' on the collage bar circuit in the southeastern U.S. and toured for almost 10 months.
In the ensuing years, he sang and played lead guitar fronting numerous bands and opening for national recording artists such as Pat Travers and Johnny Winters. While working with and on original music projects, he was involved with several album releases and penned and published his own songwriting efforts. Staying musical throughout the years he continued to play in cover/tribute bands in his home state of Florida. Falling back on his early musical training, he transitioned in to mastering the Bass guitar and continues to try and expand his talents through practice and dedication to his craft. Early musical influences include Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower, Grand Funk Rail Road, Black Sabbath and Elvis.

Ricky lee has played for many years as a hired gun for many different artists including 2 Grammy nominees and a Grammy winner. But now he's finally found a home with a bunch of great musicians and talented guys with Orlando's own Ebon Cross.


           EBON CROSS